Each kit comes with a free EASYGUIDE plastic card to help you choosing the right tool(s) for your console(s). All tools,  except for the Magnetic Tweezer and Xbox 360 Tool, have been assigned with a number (printed on each bitend). The reason for leaving  two tools without numbers is simply because the Magnetic Tweezer can be used on any unit (to prevent from dropping screws i smaller areas) and the X360 Tool shape and purpose can’t be missed.

Using the EASYGUIDE is VERY SIMPLE. For example, lets say you need to open up your DS Lite console  to replace a damaged screen. Put your eyeballs on the UNIT Consoles column and you`ll find DS Lite listed at the very top. So in this case you see that you should use the tools #7 and #14. Really simple isnt it?